Duro United 8142-6323-Cert, Series 14 8-1/2" Special Gauge

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Duro United, 8142-6323-CERT, Series 14 8-1/2" Special Gauge 30"-0-150 PSI 1/4" NPT Back SS Style 2 This is designed for use by refrigeration engineers requiring high quality gauges for use with refrigerants that are non-corrosive to bronze

8 rdquo Window glass Brass machined connection with wrench flats, 1/4 rdquo NPT male connection at bottom or back of case

ASME/ANSI B40.1 Grade 1A 1

Features Sturdy corrosive resistant bronze bushed rotary type movement with bronze links and stainless steel link screws

Heavy gauge aluminum

Lightweight balanced construction with adjustment feature